Environment Declaration

The company Bajog electronic GmbH and EMC New Line GmbH (Sales Department of Bajog electronic) have their headquarters on the outskirts of the market Pilsting. The flat is surrounded by agricultural land.

The campus is very spacious and very well integrated by means of planting in the landscape. The routes are fixed and are in short form.

One of the premises is the attention to cleanliness.

The property size is 20.000m2. The shop floor contain 1.500m2 '.

Both companies share a common OM-/UM - system.

Bajog electronic GmbH is a Member of the Environmental Pact of Bavaria since January 2003.

Furthermore  a zero-and small series production (around 500pcs. Per lLot)  is still placed in Pilsting.

With 3900 different product types from 1 to> 4000 amps for different applications such as in the drive and control technology, automotive, appliance, aerospace section, etc. Bajog electronic supplies international companies and authorities.