After the firm which employed company founder Gerd Bajog before he became independent was sold five times in six years, he decided to go it alone.

Gerd Bajog started operating his own company "Bajog electronic GmbH" in October 1990.

The object of the newly formed company was EMC technical support, development and production of special line filters  and EMC (electro magnetic compability) devices.


1991 Business established at Senftenberg (New federal states)

1992 Business established at Jelinia Gora Poland

1994 Business established at Cirencester U.K

1994 Relocation to own company site at Pilsting Lower Bavaria

1995 Business established at Limerick Ireland

By 1995 Gerd Bajog already employed 132 employee.

1998 Establishment of Bajog electronic in Xiamen (China)

Beside the controlling of all branches the main focus of Gerd Bajog was and is still on:

- New Development,
- Definition of new technologies,
- Research and studies -
- Regional presence

The Pilsting site is the core organisation with 30 employees/developers.

All sales and development work, studies, certification work and small batch production are carried out there.

The site supports, trains and quality-monitors 3 franchises in Germany  and the Czech Republic.

A total of 211 employees at the extended production plants ensure that deliveries are completed on time.

Partner: representatives:
In the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Spain, Poland, Hungary