Management philosophy

With the specification of our quality and environmental management system we document our unreserved commitment to maintain and extend the high quality of our products and services and to practise and optimise environmental protection.

We therefore constantly demand of ourselves to meet the demands and requirements of our customers, of the market and the environment with our employees subject to the economic efficiency of the company.

The management bears the overall responsibility for environmental protection, making sure that specific targets and behaviour patterns with regard to environmental protection and quality assurance exist and are observed in all functions and on all levels.

The following criteria determine our policy:

* Top priority is a customer-oriented,

* efficient behaviour in order to meet customer requirements in the best possible way.

* It is our goal to have our products and services ranked among the international top by optimising our systems, processes and products.

* In addition, the company founder and CEO traveled over many years with the former Prime Minister of Bavaria Dr. E. Stoiber around the world. The lessons learned from International visited companies, have been implemented in-house.

* We regularly visit those companies receiving the annual award by the trade magazine “Produktion” and make use of invitations from other companies in order to verify this and to compare.

* We conduct “customer satisfaction surveys” to ascertain the company’s image, we try to optimise the quality of our products and services without any external pressure and always endeavour to check and scrutinize interpersonal relationships internally and externally.

* We ensure continuous improvement, quality and environmental targets and programmes have been established and are adjusted, if necessary.

* Conducting annual audits ensures that our company policy and measures determined to improve the environment and quality are reviewed and checked for efficiency.

* We are constantly working on conserving resources and minimising the impact on the environment through the use of energy-saving procedures in order to reduce environmental pollution.

* The concept of our management system demands that any business decisions and activities in the development and production of a product are in line with environmental and quality-assuring requirements and consistently observe statutory requirements.

* All activities, procedures and new products are evaluated in terms of their environmental compatibility, in each case using state-of-the-art technology while taking economic efficiency into account.

* Our top priority is avoiding defects, which is ensured by checking 100% of all products.

* Defects (if it is once happen) are consistently ascertained, analysed and assessed in order to determine and implement possibilities for improvement.

* The management encourages their employees to work in a responsible and environmentally-conscious manner.

* Continuous information and employee training promotes environmental consciousness and a sense of responsibility as well as technical knowledge.

* The creativity and sense of responsibility of all employees is encouraged by supporting their own initiatives and suggestions.

* This is done within the framework of mutually agreed rules that guarantee an optimum in team spirit.

* We want to use the individual strengths and talents of our employees through the creation of cross-functional structures.

* Department-centred thinking is unwanted.

* We support each individual employee in his competence and contribution to the success of the company, show our appreciation and promote positive characteristics.

* To offer each employee possibilities for personal development, we provide support in his quest to advance his professional career in particular through his own initiatives, by acquiring new professional skills, updating his knowledge and thus expanding his professional mobility.

* We want to secure the legitimate economic expectations of our company by achieving one of the highest levels of profitability in our industry without losing track of the long-term prospects.

* Our company policy is available to the public via our company homepage.

Contractors are informed about our company policy through our instructions for visitors and the purchase requisition.