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EMC Service for our customers

Process interruption

Since January 1996 the EMC EN 55011.22 legislation has been valid throughout the European Union together with the various PFS (Product Family Standard) regulations.

Flickering lamp, light failures, machinery failures, platinum destruction, undefined processes are much more has been increasing since 1996 and unfortunately become almost the norm.

The EMC - law does cause the operator's responsibility and not the manufacturer of machines and devices which are the initiator of disturbances.
Often, plant operators are left alone with their problem, because the machinery and device supplier can often prove that their devices and systems are running according EN regulation under laboratory conditions and the disturbances do not occur or is limited.

If a one million expensive system working only on 20% effectively the system operator has a major problem and often these disputes end with advice from the judge.

For this reason, we help our customers with a fast and economical EMC simple - solution.

Up to the 31st December 1995 the valid EMC directives in Germany found their origin in the high frequency appliance law. This already regulated the determined and limited interference limit values of electrical equipment and radio systems in connection with the existing radio legislation even before the beginning of the Second World War.

According to this legislative basis, for example, the VDE 0871 A/B, this was restricted from 10KHz to >30MHz (generalised interference) up to 31st December 1995 to be then replaced by the EN 55011 A/B.

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