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Laser Technology

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The human race has been exploiting the power and energy provided by water, air and light (mainly heat) for thousands of years. Energy is available in many forms and it is up to us to accept these forms and utilise them expediently.

The first laser was developed 25 years ago.

The scientific principles of laser technology are based on Albert Einstein's quantum mechanics theory which the author put down in writing shortly after completing his general theory of relativity. In this theory it was a matter of strengthening light by stimulated radiation emission, which indicated that materials under specific conditions could be stimulated with the help of energy in the form of radiation.

Science at that time recognised the manifold possibilities and the military forces could soon be in a position to fight off any attack and destroy any flying object and any target with a laser gun. Theoretically this was certainly possible but thank God we came up against limits when putting this into practice and these limits are still given now as before.

The expedient use of laser units is concentrated mainly around practical handcraftmanship and they are used in the medical sectors such as, for example:

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