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Who isn’t familiar with it, that queasy feeling when you drive into a tunnel without an end in sight, knowing that many cars are heading the other way, some of them occupied by drivers and passengers with a similar feeling of unease who might cause an accident in the tunnel due to carelessness or fatigue.

How much stronger would that feeling be if the lights suddenly went out and the ventilation system failed in an 8km-long tunnel?

Would there be panic?

Yes, one could anticipate an accident of catastrophic proportions with many deaths.

A reliable electrical system in the tunnel is all the more important. In addition to the ventilation and safety system the entire lighting system also accounts for part of this reliability.

When drivers enter the tunnel from bright daylight, the tunnel lighting must be adjusted accordingly to that brightness level for the first 500 m until the driver’s eyes have adjusted to the darker surroundings. The lighting at the end of the tunnel must be adjusted and regulated the same way. The lighting may neither fail nor flicker uncontrollably.

Filters by Bajog electronic ensure the reliable function of lighting and electrical systems in tunnels, like the 8,320 m Gleinalm tunnel on the Phyrn motorway (A9), connecting the

Districts of Leoben and Graz – and surrounding areas.

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