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Wellness - Filter "Alpha"

Noise - Reduction

The common global electricity and supply grid resembles a large inland water. All pollution from the feeding rivers empties into this great lake and from this lake we are all being supplied. This analogy should demonstrate how polluted our supply grids are.

Switching power supplies, thyristor and phase angle controls, IGBTs and many power semi-conductors are switching within milliseconds and create large energy fields with harmonics and spikes of up to 10.000 V.

This power does not simply disappear, but get’s transported through the power grid over great distances. They massively affect every power plug in homes and subsequently the connected consumer loads (like radio, TV and computers).

Large energy potentials are also forming E- and H-fields. These interfering voltages can be measured and established while grid bound or as emitting interferers according to EN 55011…22.

Many people are sensitive to these influences and show corresponding symptoms.

Our Alpha series was specifically designed for this area of application and attenuate even in the lower frequency range - where all clock frequencies are created - and effectively dampen any significant interference above the required 50Hz mains supply.

Through this grid bound interference suppression, the emitting interferences will be reduced to the same extent.

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