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Developing and Produktion

Most of our products mainly power filter, cabin filter for Military an NATO – application are more then 20 years in customer process with the same power performance as in the beginning. This is what we mean by quality!
                                                          We are more than a company only! our company presentation in short form

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Since 1990 we helped more than 900 companies in Europe, China and India with economical EMC - solutions. This is what we mean with Service and Competence!

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New Highlights:

EMC- Measuring Instruments (New  Development Supported by German Government)   watch Video 

Handheld Analyzer to measure the power grid noise level from 1KHz-500KHz

Multi - Mess - System PLC - MMS with 5 integrated Measure Device Function. Perfect for use in power grid monitoring (long term) and for controlling of Smart Meter function including Smart Meter Data Transfer

- Decoupling Adapter for Noise Interference measurement acc. CISPR under Load with out 50Hz. Signal  


Dimmers on/off

Dimmers are very common used in hotels and apartments (houses). This video shows the noise voltage potential of  an individual dimmer.

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