Alpha Plug Power Filter


EMC - Schuko - Power - special filter has been specially created for network faults, which are primarily generated by pulsed power electronics, IGBTs, thyristors and power transistors. These sources are generating spikes, transients and harmonics in the generating network. 

This Schuko - plug filter prevents interference and equipment damage.

In a period of 2 years Bajog electronic was requested to investigate and solve EMC problems of 287 medium-sized businesses and large companies in Europe to seek the causes of production disturbances, process interruptions  and  global  destruction system and perform on-site solutions to remedy.


detected IGBT - Influence in the power grid

Bajog electronic could help In all cases,   

In 276 cases occurs different technical consequences for the same cause which was high dU/dt, Transient and Spikes in the lower frequency range.
 electronic solve all this EMC – problems and developed based on this solutions a very effective and unique filter series for all service areas, including the special "Alpha- Filter Edition" for lighting systems with 250VAC up to 16A for applications in laboratories, offices, commercial and retail areas, workshops and production areas.

The alpha
 – filter series eliminated the measured disturbances and procured the affected companies a secure and undisturbed work and process flow. In addition, the alpha - filter protect - all connected serial devices bi - directionally from destructive dU / dt- value, spikes and transients.


detected noiselevel in office                               Interference with  Alpha filter

This filter series is not available in any trade organisations and is produced with these features only from Bajog electronic. 

The plug modules in Bajog electronic - design housing is available in all country-specific variants (U.S., EU, UK, USA) .
 principle of solution is also available in industrial version up to 4000 amps and up to 1000 VAC .