Noise Power Hand held

Power - Analysis - Hand tools for the measurement of noise voltage in a frequency range of 1KHz to 500 KHz in allusions to EN 55011 .... 22                                                                                                                                                                                            

Bajog electronic GmbH developed a transient noise analysis, power hand-held device.

Explosion of Solar Converter, damage analysing influences of Smart Meter and many other power net devices shows us clearly, that it is overdue to launch a modified test regulation like in Italy the
CEI - 0 - 21 or CENELEC.

Those new regulations take care most of the problems inside the power grid in the frequency range of
1 - 150 KHz

Bajog electronic informed the market since 1996 about this upcomming problem and developed the corresponding LISN (Line Impedance Stabilsation Network) and a Handheld Analyser device to measure the voltage noise level in the frequency range from 1 KHz to 500 KHz according the new regulations in Europe and soon world wide.

The special feature of this handset network analysis is:

- The small size (handheld)
- The direct measurement of the power with out any further test equipments / devices
- The accuracy of the measurements (noise) in accordance with EN 55 011 .. 22 in
   the lower frequency range. New regulation in Europe like CEI - o -21 are requesting this 
   frequency range since October 2012 and other EU - members will follow soon
- Ease of use as well for non electrical experts and useres
- The flexible use as a simple substitute for a network analyzer and test receivers to
   analyse responsible voltage sources and interruption causes of devices and electrical
   components inside the house

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