TFSKN - Special Filter Series


Audio Frequency Suppressor Filter combined with Notch filter

The audio frequency signal generated by the Energy Company (ripple control) consists of a frequency-modulated, high-energy burst several times a day and is sent over the network to supply to all consumers.

This high-energy burst is responsible to switch on low tariff energy to consumers.
Depending on country and region, the signal frequency can be in a range from  1662/3 Hz to 1.3 MHz.

It is very common that the audio frequency affect can cause equipment - other equipment on the network, with interfere, damage and some audible side effects in stereo devices.
To avoid this negative influence for affected facilities and equipment, it requires a very specific filter.

The filter has to fulfil two special properties as a function of the corresponding TF – frequency rate and work largely independent reliably from the prevailing system impedance.
  1) For affected device / system must be made to fall in the signal corresponding to the dominant frequency, a maximum blocking effect

2) on the network side, the corresponding signal must be extracted before reaching the blocking filter area.

A common filter standard has no influence in this type of effect!

Moreover, the filter must provide at 50Hz - a universal range attenuation against dU/dt- values, spikes and transients, mostly generated by other consumers, such as phase-angle controls, IGBTs,  thyristors which are spread over long distances.

Based on these impairments Bajog electronic has developed, a special audio frequency - Blocking Filter - Series with integrated bandpass filter, which may be a function of the location tailored to the ripple frequency and the local problems.

The TFSKN - Filter series guarantee a trouble-free network and acts as described in the respective matched ripple control signals at maximum power of <16Amp up to> 1,000 amperes

With this TFSKN - series Bajog electronic has developed an ingenious solution, which guarantees the connected consumers a stabile and clean power grid and protection against individual power AF - signals and also against dU / dt - transients and spikes.