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With so many products, it is easier if you tell us your request and we will select the suitable solution in form of a data sheet.
By email, fax or phone directly into the distribution:
+49 (0) 9953 / 900 48
Fax: +49 (0) 9953 / 13 3002

You are welcome friendly and knowledgeable advice!

Most of our products mainly power filter, cabin filter for Military an NATO – application are more then 20 years in customer process with the same power performance as in the beginning. This is what we mean by quality!

The company Bajog electronic GmbH is a developing and manufacturing:

  • Power Line Filter of any type and design from less than 1 amp up to 4000 amps and from DC to 25.000 VAC nominal,

  • LISN (Line Impedance Stabilisation Network) for DC and AC - Applications up to 1.500 amps according CISPR - Standards

  • Audio frequency blocker (for medium voltage level) tuned for all ripple control signal frequencies up to> 850A/20.000VAC,

  • Electronic Dissolve Adapter for network analysis measurements with spectrum analyzers and test receivers, under load, without using a conventional LISN

  • Network - Analysis - Hand tools for simple measurement and detection of interferences acc. EN - (CE) - Standard

Even if we develop and finished our products in Germany, since 1990 we always took the evidence that customer-specific developments are in price line  compare  with standard products, apart from the additional advantage that our customers exactly get that what they need and expect.
Meanwhile, there are nearly 4,000 different products developed and produced in our company.

It is not possible to publish all of these products.

In addition, we have confirmed exclusivity and product secure for many of our customers.

Therefore we display in Appendix a product overview and beg you to contact us with your interest and technical demand.
You can reach us on the below mentioned ~ Link, or by telephone.

The philosophy of Bajog electronic GmbH takes in forefront priority to customer satisfaction and focus on customer-specific requirements to guarantee solving individual EMC - problems

For all our developments and production, - quality and economical facts are priority.

"The most important thing we have ... ... ... ... .. are our customers"

All our products are developed and manufactured according to EN, VDE and RoHS standards.

According your technical demand and request you will receive the corresponding data sheet.

We support you with EMC Measurement and troubleshooting in your facility or in our lab if needed.

A technical team will be available in this regard.

We are stand by for you if you want and if you need us. us