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Negative Influences because of Ripple Control Transmission

Ripple control transmitter are pulsing with 400 to> 2.400KVA into the power grid therewith the ripple control signal should be transmitted as far as possible to all ripple control  recipients.

Despite the relatively short duration of transmission of the ripple control signal are accumulating reports that during the signal sequence control and control systems, computers, radio and television systems and many other consumers are negative influenced,.

Ripple control signals are coded pulse trains, which are coupled on a voltage signal with amplitude modulation of the voltage. The corresponding receiver in the low voltage network, analyze the signals and turn on the connected consumer, or off.

Consumers may be different for the "low tariff" like storage heating, street lighting and much more……..

The ripple frequencies are between 110 Hz - 1.6 KHz and country specific.

The choice of the audio frequency signal  is highly network dependent. The VDEW (Association of German Electricity) recommends wide area networks with multiple voltage levels and 250 Hz frequencies and networks for limited expansion frequencies above 250 Hz

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