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Smart Meter - influence

The new kind of measuring the usage brings many questions for the users. It is not clear what data are measured and for what these data are used. Another aspect is the reliability of those accountings. There have been cases where the usage increased up to 20% when counter has been changed to smart meter (without having a real increase in usage)

On the other side feed-in remuneration has decreased after changing to smart meter.

Energy suppliers actually do not really care about this problem. They assume that smart meter manufacturer will take care of this problem. Actually it is also not really relevant, because too less SM are used now and therefore the reclamations are not much. And there are also not much messages that SM can switch on and off induction cookers and electronic controlled lights.

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 See this video.

This video shows how a commercial vacuum cleaner, the PLC - signal on the right side (side with the vacuum cleaner as troublemakers) and the left side (smart meters to concentrator page = DC) completely disrupts and prevents.

This video shows that a suitable smart meters - PLC - filters the communication between smart meters and data concentrator is despite strong interference on the home page, make sure. (In the House the interferers has suppressed the PLC - signal (right side), but left side, between smart meters and utility remains the PLC data - signal) the filter data sheet