Luminary failure through grid problems

Despite adherence to valid regulations of the lamp industry by almost all manufacturers, substantial critical ballast failures are noted with many customers only after a sort while of use.

Many manufacturers replace hundreds of ballasts per customer on goodwill, because individual investigations into possible causes are uneconomical.

 Is it really uneconomical? Doesn’t it pay off to uphold ones corporate image by emphasizing quality, competence and reliability? Is it indeed cheaper to replace ballasts up to 5 times each through all the years of valid warranty?

In 2006 alone, Bajog electronic was contracted by 62 affected companies to investigate the illuminant failures in their respective environments and to provide a solution to the problem.
In all cases, the causes were quickly established and solved. Only in one case had it been a manufacturer-made problem.

Based on the insights and knowledge gained, Bajog electronic developed a protection module for electronic ballast. This module is simply connected between feeder and ballast.

Electronic ballasts with this protective module fulfil their lighting duties beyond the indicated warranty.


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